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  • Get the app

    Download the LostIt Tag: QR Code Lost and Found app from your store.

  • Get LostIt Tags

    Buy tags in the store or generate your QR code through the app, print, attach, or save to screen.

  • User friendly

    Easily add items through the app and protect all your personal items by following the prompts.

  • Assign information

    Optionally add additional rewards and special instructions.

  • Contact details

    Information is auto-populated with user details, with the option to choose another contact.

  • Incentivized finders

    We further incentivize finders in addition to the rewards you specify.

  • Found item notification

    Get notified & see a scan location when your item is found.

  • Anonymous chat

    Personal information won't be shared between the item owner and the finder.

  • Report Lost Items

    Report items as lost by adding your items to a reward seeker map, displayed to finders.

  • Earn Rewards

    Reward seekers are notified of items lost nearby. Find lost items and get rewards.

  • LostIt Tag - Tech-Powered Lost and Found

    Protect all your personal items with ease and affordability. Our app enables finders to return your lost items without sharing personal info. Set rewards, get notified, and communicate anonymously. Join the reward seeker community and make a difference. Get your LostIt Tags today, and never worry about losing your belongings again! Discover the best QR tag solution for peace of mind.

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    All your tagging needs in one store, built into one app

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  • Practical

    “I used LostIt Tag to tag all my kids' personal items for school. Stickers work out less than a dollar per item. My kid's names or personal info is no longer displayed.” – Jen S.

  • Best Option Available

    "I’ve tried other similar solutions, but this is the first one that works. It also comes with additional features like a reward seekers map and rewards. My favorite lost-and-found solution” – Sara K.

  • Incredibly helpful!

    “I lost my license while on holiday in a new city. I got an alert that my license was found before even realizing I lost it. Was able to get it back in less than an hour. Thank you for saving our trip!” – Anne L.