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We help people return your lost items. Tag your items, lose them, and get them back!
LostIt Tag offers a contemporary lost-and-found solution LostIt Tag offers a contemporary lost-and-found solution

Tech-Powered Lost and Found

Use the power of LostIt QR tags to find your lost items! Purchase your QR LostIt Tags today!



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OliviaMother of Two

I used LostIt Tag to tag all my kids' personal items for school. What I like about these are the fact that the costs are very low and that I no longer need to write my kids name on their items. I can tag even lower cost items, like their stationary, just like with normal name tag labels. If it gets lost however, the finder gets in contact with me directly and no personal information ever needs to be shared.

AnonymousHappy Customer

Finally, something that works! I’ve tried other similar solutions on the market, but this is the first one that is user-friendly and came without bugs. It also has more features that alert other users when your item is lost and displays rewards to them, so they will help you find your lost item.  It’s a relief not to have to use outdated dashboards and half-built apps Definitely my favorite lost-and-found solution


Incredibly helpful! I was on vacation and lost my license while exploring a new city. I got an alert that my license was found. At the time I had no idea it was even lost! They just scanned the LostIt Tag on my license and found me. Just tagging my license and adding it to the app saved me incredible inconvenience! Thank you for saving our trip!

Kenneth TylorGraphic Designer

I was at a festival and I didn’t have a good way to carry my phone. My friend told me to get LostIt Tag in case my phone got lost. I downloaded the app,  put my friend’s phone number on it, then  got the  QR code and saved it as my locked screen saver. Sure enough, I lost my phone and within minutes, someone found the item and contacted my friend and we arranged the return. I was so impressed that I didn’t have to share any personal information.  I ordered more LostIt Tags to tag all my other stuff.

Sally MooreDog owner

 I have not lost anything yet, but what I can say is that I love how well this app works and how quick and easy it is. I am using a LostIt Tag pet tag and I was able to add my vet’s details while saving my dog as a protected item to the app. I feel good knowing that in an emergency, someone can call her vet and find me.

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