LostIt Tag Smart QR Code Stickers

LostIt Tag Smart Luggage Tags

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  • Option to create digital QR

    "I was at a festival and didn't have a sticker for my phone. It was terrific that I could create a digital QR code from the app and save it to my phone's lock screen saver. Sure enough, I lost my phone, and within minutes, someone found the item and alerted my friend. Very impressed!" - Melissa B

  • Great app

    "I haven't lost anything yet, but I can say that I love the ease of use of the app. I am using a LostIt Tag pet tag, and I was able to add my vet’s details while saving my dog's details in the app. I feel good knowing that in an emergency, someone can call her vet and find me.) - Craig M

  • Well thought through

    "I wanted to add a LostIt tag to my cell phone and wasn't sure if that would work because I didn't know who would receive the notification that my phone got lost. With LostIt, you can save an alternative person to be notified for your cell phone. They will get an SMS, and you can log into your account from any device." Peter W

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