Every item you want to protect will need one protection credit and one LostIt Tag.

Register each LostIt Tag with the LostIt Tag: QR code lost and found app.

You get started by purchasing your LostIt Tags here in the store. After your tags arrive, download the LostIt Tag: QR code Lost&Found mobile app from the App or the Play Store. You add the item you would like to protect in the app. You add your item details and an optional reward as an incentive for finders of your lost item to return it to you in case it gets lost and found. In addition to the reward you specify, LostIt Tag also offers rewards to incentivize finders further.

If you lose your item and it gets found, you will get notified before even knowing it was lost. Through the app, you can see the location of where your item was found and scanned and start heading in that direction. Your finder can see the reward amount, and you and your item finder can communicate anonymously. There is no need to display or share private information on tags or through your communication. The finder also doesn't need to have the app to scan your lost item. 

If you realize you lost your item before someone found it, you can report it as lost on the reward seekers map. This will alert nearby finders that you lost your item, and they can "hunt" for your item in exchange for rewards. We provide additional rewards and incentives to finders. This is a cost-effective solution to tag many different items, especially for kids. With a sticker page, you can protect an item for less than $1 each. Get your LostIt Tags today!

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